AFAIC, you should sign up for Wuphf ASAP. It makes me SHICPMP. I would H8 my life w/o it. *K* - K. Kapoor

Wuphf imitates the ringing in my head. I love it. - Creed B.

Great idea. The light bulb of our time. - Erin Hannon.

How do I put this lightly? Wuphf is OUTSTANDING. You get a message or a call from one person, and boom - all your communication devices are going off to alert you. It's like my electronics are having a Christmas party and I want to be a part of it. Never again will I be late to get a message. Facebook request from Mrs. Doyle? Accepted immediately. Who knew she was even still alive?? Fax of a photocopied butt from Packer? Hilarious! Saw it right away. Phone call from Citibank? Not gonna take it, but glad I heard my cell wuphf. It's the way of the future! Wuphf ya sign up already? - Michael Scarn

Woof is excellent. I don't have a pager, facebook, or fax, but I do have a phone. So whenever it rings, it als o barks. It's neat stuff. - Creed H.

Wuphf is weird. I hate it. When I got a phone call, my fax machine started spitting out paper and wouldn't stop for three hours. My email account got spammed and sent a message to all my contacts that said, "You've been Wuphfed! Deal with it." And my facebook account got a virus. I went to call customer service but wuphf totally screwed up my phone. Everything's in Japanese now and I can't change it. Stay away from Wuphf!!! - Aida

Wuphf charged my credit card three times and hasn't reversed it yet. It's ridiculous. I'm a college student, and that's cutting into my drinking money. Buyer beware. - Johnny

This site is all error messages. It's impossible to get through the set-up. The only person I would recommend it to is my super annoying step dad. I hate you Ronnie! - Melissa B.



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